The COVID-19 Innovation Project is a 9-week summer program aimed at bringing together diverse minds in order to innovate pathways of supporting communities impacted by the pandemic. 



The purpose of this project is to create an opportunity for students to develop their skills and come together to support communities during this time. Throughout this project, interdisciplinary teams of students from all departments at CMU and beyond have worked alongside each other to understand community needs, partner with community organizations, and innovate creative approaches to the struggles that have surfaced during this time.

The Process

Choose An Action Area

Economic Impact
Medical Impact
Educational Quality and Access
Food Insecurity
Environmental Impact
Community Support/Social Impact

Identify a Problem Space

Conduct user research through community outreach and online research tools to understand user needs and to synthesize your findings into a focused problem statement

Develop A Solution

Utilize your user findings to ideate, develop, and iterate through solutions

Implement Your Solution

Finalize and refine your solution for implementation in your target community

Upcoming EventS

August 14th,  12 PM EST

Join us this Friday for our virtual showcase of all team projects. Tune into the unique and challenging problems that teams have tackled this summer, explore the endless diversity of student impact, and interact with teams during the Q&A


Most frequent questions and answers

No, this is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. 

This project has been designed to take place remotely for the entirety of the summer, as needed. 

Yes, international students and graduates can take part and do not need to obtain authorization to participate. 

The tentative start and end dates are June 8th and August 7th. Participants will be notified if any changes are made. 

Yes, participants can form their own team and will be given the option to create their team once the team formation forms are sent out. 

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